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Terrin Callender

Also Known as Jaiga


Terrin Callender is best known as Jaiga in Trinidad and Tobago and across the Caribbean. An artist, radio personality, father of two and all round creative genius, the Soca lover and undying patriot, has given most of his life to the culture of Trinidad and Tobago.

Formerly known as TC, the entertainer has progressively charted his course in entertainment from the early nineties and carries through even today as a solid part of urban radio in Trinidad and Tobago. Host of the Breakfast Show on96.1WEFM and founder of The Bass Now Media, Jaiga is a consistent voice for culture, utilizing his platforms to encourage love for Soca music in particular.

In the nineties, Jaiga was a part of the management team at all Soca frequency inTrinidad and Tobago, TriniBashment 91.9FM, owned by soca artist andbusinessman, Neil Iwer George. He simultaneously steered and hosted SynergyTV’s Soca Star, cementing his name, face and persona in an industry that manywould agree, had still been in its embryonic stage.

Concept driven and motivated by the desire to make himself and all elements ofhis creative side, household names, Jaiga purposefully dedicated his time andenergy into delivering products like “KarryYuhKey” (Karaoke), for Synergy TV, andlater, the Breakfast Party for 96.1WEFM.

Known for lifting others in the soca music industry, Jaiga is credited for his workwith Rohan “Fireball” Richards- a Trinidad and Tobago artist who, in 2007, penneda song called ” What I Want,”collaboratively with Jaiga, who later ensured that theartist’s marketing and promotional delivery would take him to internationalmarkets. In that year, Fireball’s single received international recognition acrossEurope and in the United States.

In 2009, Jaiga jumped out of the shadows and possibly, his comfort zone,emerging as an artist in his own right.

He released ‘Frontline’ onto the Socacircuit, surprising many, but ultimately getting his feet wet and preparing himselffor bigger stages.

Since that initial release, he has given fans of Soca a number of hits, inclusive of’Speakerbox’, ‘Anyway’, ‘Action’, ‘Limbo’ ‘Keisha’, ‘My Team’ and in 2021, ‘On DeInside.’
The business of Soca, meaningful for him, Jaiga has used his expertise andconnections to boost his credentials and has since opened himself to consultingfor brands like The International Soca Monarch, across the Caribbean region.Likewise, he has been working arduously behind the scenes to the benefit ofartistes who require his assistance.
Another brand, ‘Great Is the Artform,’ created matter of factly but nonetheless,strongly embedded in Jaiga’s portfolio, sees products and merchandise soldglobally to soca music lovers, determined to support the growth of the genre.Added to that, Jaiga’s
www.feelthebassnow.com supports Caribbean creatives indigital format.

Most recently, the Stag beer ambassador embarked on delivering another Socamusic only effort- ‘Soca Sunday’- a radio show on 96.1WEFM aimed at furtherpromoting Soca music and the artistes who make up the industry.